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As i retire, be my only dream

My sole desire, to share in your realm.


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Home & Warm

These white waves and all their beauty

Will never erase this empty continuity

‘Angels protect you

Troubles neglect you

And heaven accepts you’

You are home

My heart feels warm

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Date with Him. Someday

Dates have come to mean more than just numbers & time trackers.
Dates now come attached with countdowns; of how she still was here,

how much longer her breath filled her lungs. The companionship of her and her heart beat and for how long God laughed at our many plans with her because He knew what He knew.
Dates have become a motivator and on occasion a hollow fear.
Dates remind me that am only certain of a moment, minute, second passed.
He still laughs at my plans am
certain. I just want to someday laugh at them with Him and her.
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Merci Beaucoup

Amazing from what crevices we dig out our strength,

Our shields; a rock and canopy.

Interesting how empty words can be, just a copy.

Where is their depth?

Mind blowing the power of a single call,

A slight bubbling, I think am going to crawl

That is promise of a stride.

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Rain on….

Everyday is a goodbye,

Reluctant one for that

Suddenly everything that gave glad the eye,

I take a sock at

This, a roller coaster of a life time,

Lost in this sublime

I am a branded returnee

Am afraid this is forever, a closed book to me

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