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My hiatus
Got so much to say, to write, to tell but my brain’s moving too fast for my pen
Feels like my story is a common feat yet incredibly personal; 
I drown in this ocean of thoughts and narratives.
I swim in this lake of dreams, wishes and what if’s.
I cross these rivers of pain, hope, grace and fleeting smiles.
I dwell in these streams of promise, that maybe tomorrow, or some other day 
My hiatus will give.
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Long gone are nights of profound sleep

This tide lifts me high and strands me around the jagged cliff

Drenched to the bone, I am a resigned heap

Looks like I inhaled an aura of grief

Spring is coming,

Autumn won’t stop humming!

Befriending deep faith and melancholia

Never knew such soberness earlier

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Rat race!

Life’s stressess, elusive joys, the feebleness,

This rat race!

And yet I consider my existence

Almost like a summer haze,

Sad for those long or just gone

Not knowing theirs is a battle won

And mine, a wounded, a rising and staggering feat

Who of us feels this heat?

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