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Narrative Changed

In my last post, sometime in June, I mentioned a possibility of narrative change. Oh yes! and change did it. The worries, pains, shocks of yesterday didn’t melt away *I doubt they will, any time soon* but the burden has gotten lighter, significantly lighter. Although they’re events that catapult me back to that dreadful December morning. Like seeing my dad cry. Da** that’s terrible. Seeing him choke and eventually succumb is not the worst part, its the helplessness I feel. I have strength, a solid block of inner strength and in moments like these, I want to give all of it to this man who most of my life revolves around. I’ll revisit this another day…today is about my changed narrative.

Have you ever said silent goodbyes? The kind that you really don’t want to, not because they’re difficult, or the parting is so emotional *I suffer from emotion deficiency* but because you really don’t know what tomorrow holds, yet you have somehow convinced yourself to plunge into that bleakness and uncertainty and you are worried that loud goodbyes might haunt you if you ever have to retrace those steps. Even if we don’t burn bridges, I don’t want to have to walk a path I have boldly and riskily bade goodbye.

So, that time finally came.The curtain falling to mark the close of over a quarter of my life. Time came to say goodbye to those lovely and at times not so lovely 13 years of my life in a foreign land. A land that had become my second home. Literally. What was I coming home to? Most certainly my family – my nuclear family. A lot has taught me how this unit is the single most important thing after my own coming soon family (No, am not pregnant)…….

I digress, it’s raining violently outside and my ride is here so, this post has to prematurely end here…..

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In their own way…..

She is not one to send unending text messages, neither random daily nor weekly calls. I do most of the calling or Skype calls but there those moments her number flashes across my screen and my whatever time of the day or time of the year, is filled with glee. I know though, that she wakes up with us *her babies* in her thoughts, we make appearances throughout her day when she passes by places we’ve been together, spots a mother and her child while going about her daily routines *her words* or when her heart cripples with yearning for us; and when she retires for the night, she whispers a silent word for us. I know this because, there are days when things work out perfectly for me and deep down i know it is because she stood in the gap.

He is not one to smoother me with hugs *he is old school African* took him a while to get accustomed to the hugs we thrust at him. But his eyes beam with pride each time he talks about us – that is, all the time. He will from time to time invade my inbox with emails, motivational and investment packed advise mails. I am grateful for solid directions which have helped me in hiding my few coins. As we increasingly make life changing decisions, i notice that he sheds his skin. He loses the disciplinarian one and acquires a what’s up, fill me in type of vibe. He would walk many miles for us, even though we are all grown and doing most of the walking ourselves. I know this because, when i am drowning in life’s many waters; oblivious to him, He often turns out to be that branch i cling onto for survival.

I have for so long had a burning desire to write them a biography, as they would want it be. A labor of love project. I want them to tell their story now, when they still can, on their own terms. I am however such a novice wimp, i am terrified of making a snore out of their amazing lives, i don’t even know where to start. Yer, I know, Google it up….blah blah blah. I feel that i want to set out and do it their way and *somehow mine too* I want to make their biography a story, to engage any reader and make him/her care about what they are all about. I hope i can be engaging enough, bring their lives alive. I wish i can make any reader feel like they have known them their whole lives, like i have them. That is my mission.

Pretty soon, am embarking on that research journey. A journey to walk my parents walk, a journey i believe will be my journey of a lifetime. Proof reading volunteers are heartily welcomed – when i get to that phase of course.


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