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In this minute

Away from each other but together in this minute,

Heartbeats unite, immense love beyond any limit.

How much we miss you

Oh, they got no clue

For even if fourteen will always be a low,

Fifteen, sixteen…for You, we always will glow.

4 months xo


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From You, to Us, to Me

I want to go back in time
And live in the gone days
I want every chime
To stop as if in a daze
And only resume, 
if it’s for me to carry. 
I wish for me only swiftness
Fear is ejected 
I consider a gladness
Heavens beauty is reflected
From you, to us, to me
Three months on
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Rat race!

Life’s stressess, elusive joys, the feebleness,

This rat race!

And yet I consider my existence

Almost like a summer haze,

Sad for those long or just gone

Not knowing theirs is a battle won

And mine, a wounded, a rising and staggering feat

Who of us feels this heat?

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Above everything you are King,
We weed, plant, water and sing.
Some say you have a beautiful home
I refuse to enclose you in that vanishing dome
Your spirit knows glories I can never comprehend
So my celebration of you knows no end
Above everything you are king
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