Date with Him. Someday

Dates have come to mean more than just numbers & time trackers.
Dates now come attached with countdowns; of how she still was here,

how much longer her breath filled her lungs. The companionship of her and her heart beat and for how long God laughed at our many plans with her because He knew what He knew.
Dates have become a motivator and on occasion a hollow fear.
Dates remind me that am only certain of a moment, minute, second passed.
He still laughs at my plans am
certain. I just want to someday laugh at them with Him and her.
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Yesterday I shopped, a beautiful peach blouse. That was a milestone.
Beauty is slowly taking shape, disregarding the canvas of black that has engulfed my core.
A blind of death.
Today am in the library, no need to plug headphones and I can concentrate alright.
Another milestone. 
Tears well up, threatening to crack me again.
No, not today!
Today belongs to my stride. 
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From You, to Us, to Me

I want to go back in time
And live in the gone days
I want every chime
To stop as if in a daze
And only resume, 
if it’s for me to carry. 
I wish for me only swiftness
Fear is ejected 
I consider a gladness
Heavens beauty is reflected
From you, to us, to me
Three months on
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Blue skies, the sun so much warmer.

Then it all ceases

And the bile rises

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All beauty was for, and because of her,

Then she left.

No, I don’t see beauty anymore.


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Gonna cry hard tonight

Cause by morning, gotta get it right

Give my heart and brain a total disconnect,

From funny complications

And dangerous notions

My haiku, screams inept.


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Long gone are nights of profound sleep

This tide lifts me high and strands me around the jagged cliff

Drenched to the bone, I am a resigned heap

Looks like I inhaled an aura of grief

Spring is coming,

Autumn won’t stop humming!

Befriending deep faith and melancholia

Never knew such soberness earlier

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