Sort, Keep, Toss. No, pack, eeh maybe toss, maybe… help!

14 Dec

You know when you move house once or twice, make it thrice and swear that your next address will be your last? You even seriously start considering buying a place of your own, until your jolted back to reality; when you check the market rates and suffocating interest rates, not to mention the insecurity that your current job is? That’s me, right now. I don’t qualify for the shopaholic category, I am very minimal. Make no mistake, I like style and good things, but am too lazy to go to the stores. I am the reason online shopping was invented, but I still keep it minimal, something me and my fiancé differ about. So at this moment in time, I regret ever purchasing anything classified as a want. As I pack, dispose, pack then dispose again, I have purposed to re-define the term ‘my wants’ so far I think that,

They should:-

  1. Fit in a 10 litre trash bag *so that I can slowly start thinking of them as just that – trash*
  2. Be acquirable using coins, considering that at any given time I will only have sufficient coins for the parking slot machines.
  3. Compliment my needs * Am at loss for words as I try to figure out what drove me to purchase 4 similar looking-glass vases whose lifetime has been spent in kitchens’ top most shelf*
  4. Be easy to dispose, pass over to someone, sell or just toss out. Amazing how my wants suddenly insist on becoming needs when it’s time to pack and move.
  5. Increasingly have a mutually exclusive relationship with my needs – that is after I have achieved number 3 above.
  6. Be considerate, other people in my household have wants too!!!


Let me see how much success I achieve at putting into practice my re-defined wants bucket.

I am almost certain that my recurring headache may be as a result of fist fights doing rounds in my brain. For the first time ever, I decided to take advantage of social media – flea market Turku a vibrant Facebook page has taught me never to underestimate the power of a single digit euro. I am doing a darn good job at disposing my precious stuff  wants. I have noticed that attaching a value to my used stuff and realizing that somebody somewhere is looking for exactly what i deem almost useless, motivates me to kill the hoarding temptation and graciously pass my stuff over *give them a new home*

So far, I have dealt with a 15% of the easiest stuff to dispose. Am filled with dread (considering I have to lose 90% of it all) as I go through my wardrobe and once more the wants vs need battle begins. So I have come up with a rational(i think) disposal method.

Whatever can fetch me a dime goes in one heap, it’s christmas so why not have a heap destined for the Salvation Army dumpsters not too far from my apartment? Then there is the hoard category – I must hold on to something especially, my now very worn out khanga, it was my grandmothers. The tossing, sorting, disposing and fist fights *in my brain* continue.

The excitement and adrenaline rush as I anticipate the move to the unknown is the real reason there is some level of sanity in me.


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