I heard, I read, I saw, I realize, I think….

15 Nov

I read somewhere that you should not beg God, that you are his daughter/son and you are deserving. All you need to do is ask. The begging attitude must really irk him. The author continued to write that the word BEG appears only thrice in the bible as opposed to 103 times that ASK appears. So, BEG not or less.

Someone confessed to having a visceral prejudice *working mans * prejudice against anyone who doesn’t produce some tangible value to earn their daily bread. I must say that i share this sentiment somewhat. Wherever you are, society of least possible opportunities or the opposite, a holder of the lowest level of education or non at all, the sheer fact that you wake up every dawning day, is proof enough of your potential to produce value. Your underproduced value is very much within reach.

I realize that everyone has an axe to grind, but there are times i will encounter and have to endure, ridiculous and hogwash conclusions drawn by people who know absolutely nothing about me. Conclusions about my inabilities, my limitations, my non-conventionalness, mostly it will be about stuff that’s meant to break me. So, i’ll keep up my 2 month old idealogy. Being completely invisible to self – i’ll divulge more about that later after it’s gone past the testing period.

I took a statistics class a while back about correlation and causation, that correlation between two variables doesn’t necessarily imply that one causes the other. Two events occurring simultaneously, are viewed as having a cause and effect relationship.  What interested me most was the fallacy; in latin cum hoc ergo propter hoc. This simply means that ‘with this or because of this‘ Its adverse would be Post hoc ergo propter hoc which means ‘after this’ I have always thought of my life being personifications of correlation causation events but i now realize that a basic statistic class can go a long way in giving a very needed perspective in my seemingly quizzed up life, 

After a crazy house party that spilled over to the club, my criminally hangover friend’s first word *2pm next day* was ‘know your poison’ That was because, poor dude had downed a mixture of every liquor available in the house. I have encountered, that phrase before but for some strange reason, in the process of writing this post, it kept popping up. There are times, when i think i may have made wrong moves in some of my career choices, then other times am perfectly confident and proud. Now, all mature and notably aware of the implications of my picks and more importantly, not too far from making a huge leap into new territories *fingers tightly crossed* knowing my poison couldn’t be a more suitable axiom.

I realize that am so interested in diaspora studies, especially knowledge transfer. I get a kick every time i read matters diaspora. I am on an abated path to educate myself in this field and hopefully one day in the near future become an expert in knowledge transfer and the African diaspora. My journey starts next month as i attend my first ever international conference The Africa meets Europe- A Forum for Young Leaders (AME)  (Berlin, December 3rd-7th , 2013). I think i will dedicate a new category just for that.


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One response to “I heard, I read, I saw, I realize, I think….

  1. aixmasters

    November 25, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    I want to come visit you in Berlin!


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