Of gems in crevices

24 Aug

You know that *insert own currency* note that you find in a random jacket or pair of jeans? Better still, that uncomfortable sudden sniffle that strikes and though certain that you have no wipes, you doubtfully rummage through your purse *holding your breath* and walaa! a soft napkin tucked in one of the purses’ tiny cavities *relieve* When i was a kid i loved cleaning my folks sleeping quarters only because there were one too many scattered *forgotten* coins. I figured that it was as a question of dimension. I was small, flexible, short and i could crawl, climb, stretch and reach places they couldn’t. My range was wide, aided by the curiosity *snoopiness* of a child. The many coins in various denominations would then be changed for paper currency at the local kiosk *i was the queen of goody goodies – that was the most popular candy then* It was basically sticky toffee. The thing is, my folks never seemed to notice or miss their coins. Reason is they didn’t know they existed.

Last years first snow drops found me rather unprepared, i usually have my winter provisions well kept in the car boot and the car all serviced for this season, because i hate surprises, especially anything to do with being stranded outdoors on a dark, cold November evening. So am driving home, and i have 25 or so kilometers to go and the snow is just beginning to fall, exciting isn’t? i love me some snow, especially witnessing the first snow drops, this particular first snow however, is a combination of sleet and snow. I turn my wipers on and surprise, i have no water gushing out the nozzles and as if that is not bad enough, a truck picks the worst possible moment to speed past me. Am on the receiving end of layers of ugly black dirty sleet splattered across my waterless windscreen. I think thats any drivers’ winter nightmare. That would have been one sour moment, had i not found 500ml readily diluted antifreeze water given to me for sampling by a certain sales man; it had been languishing in the car’s back door compartment for months *frolic moment*

Am heading somewhere with this, some events in the last 3 weeks have prompted me to go through my closets, my car’s glove box, my contact lists, old albums*physical albums* metaphorically. Through this process, i have re-discovered gems that have been hidden in the cavities and crevices of my big busy life. Gems that i have more often replaced as i keep away a purse in favor of a more trendy one, some are forgotten through cell phone upgrades, others are those i stuck in my stick it album and have remained analog as i moved on digitally in many ways.


So in these both shallow and deep crevices that have swallowed my gems out of my range, i have re-discovered the sheer beauty that inspired their acquisation, that invaluable worth that gives you a soft satisfactory chuckle. I have had a light bulb moment. As i continue to dust them clean and put them up for display *beaming with pride* i will constantly remember that ‘There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly’.

For u SP


Posted by on August 24, 2013 in My musings


2 responses to “Of gems in crevices

  1. Aixen

    August 24, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    Aww, I like.
    That said, I wish I couldn’t relate to this right now, but I can. I still like it though.

  2. wambuikaranja

    August 25, 2013 at 9:52 am

    Thanks. Glad that the message gets across.


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